CThru Metals is excited to announce our return to The Battery Show, the annual premier event for the battery and electric vehicle industry. This year’s show is a hybrid event with the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, and our team will be available to both battery and EV communities at Booth 323.

cthru metals at the battery show 2022

Our team will be on site to share our latest product developments in expanded metal mesh. This technology has proven to be critical to battery and electric vehicle applications for its unique ability to provide high-level strength and conductivity, while still allowing air, water and light to pass through.

Join us at the show as we share free samples of our expanded metal mesh materials. Our knowledgeable team will also share videos and other collateral so you can see how expanded metal mesh fits into your applications:

  • Battery Components: Expanded metal foil is lighter and provides increased formability when compared to solid material. It is a perfect application for current collection due to its superior conductivity and the ability to tune resistivity by adjusting the expanding parameters.
  • Electric Vehicle Applications: In addition to battery applications, expanded metal foil also offers advantages in the following areas:
    >> EMI/RFI shielding for vehicle electronics, wiring harnesses, etc.
    >> Grounding and wiring replacement — works well as a conductive layer in laminated materials.
    >> Fuel cell construction.
    >> Weight reduction.the battery show and electric vehicle expo

About CThru Metals

Our extensive capabilities in expanded metal foil manufacturing allow us to produce custom metal mesh in a wide range of shapes, thicknesses and configurations.  As an industry leader in advanced expanded metal foil solutions, we offer fast lead times and competitive prices using proprietary expanded metal manufacturing equipment that we design and build in-house. This equipment enables us to expand faster with improved control over process parameters.

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