The automotive industry is full of components and assemblies manufactured with expanded metal. CThru Mesh™ from CThru Metals is a long-lasting expanded metal foil that can be used to produce everything from inlet screens to gaskets. At CThru, we use fast and high-quality fabrication processes to create expanded metal components for OEM and aftermarket sales. Learn more about the automotive markets we serve and the advantages of choosing CThru Mesh™ from CThru Metals over other metal materials.

Products for the Automotive Industry

The engineering and development teams at CThru specialize in creating expanded metal to produce high-quality automotive components and solutions. We work with metal foils, which are slit and stretched to a lightweight, uniform expanded metal foil. This material is produced using computer-controlled self-adjusting expanding machines to ensure quality and consistency. Some of the products we produce for OEM and aftermarket applications include:

  • Air vent outlet screens
  • Catalytic converter components
  • Fuel/oil filter components
  • Gaskets that can withstand high-temperature environments
  • Decorative interior applications
  • Air inlet screens for engine and auxiliary assemblies
  • Speaker grills
  • EMI shielding solutions

Because our expanding machines do not require lubricants to function, it results in cleaner materials that do not require secondary cleaning operations.

Materials Commonly Used in Automotive Applications

Expanded metal foil is a very versatile material for automotive applications. Along with components for internal workings and assemblies, the expanded metal can also be used in both decorative applications and functional applications for car interiors. Car designers can create highly stylized interior finishes by incorporating expanded metal foils.

Advantages of Our Automotive Expanded Metal Offerings

Suppliers, technicians, and end-users across the automotive market prefer expanded metal products because of their utility and beneficial characteristics. Some of the key advantages of using expanded metal foil from CThru include the following:

  • Lightweight: The material undergoes slitting and stretching to expand a metal sheet into a larger material with the same mass. As a result, expanded metal is lightweight, ideal for portable electronics and energy-efficient cars.
  • Shielding: Expanded metal foil provides shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Versatility: Expanded metal can be used for producing a wide range of products. Common options include:
    • Automotive goods
    • Electronic enclosures
    • Grounding, ESD
    • EMI shielding
  • A wide array of material options: CThru can produce expanded metal foils made with metals like aluminum, copper, and nickel.

Find Automotive Expanded Metal With CThru

Expanded metal foil offers endless production possibilities for consumer and industrial markets. Contact the CThru team today to learn more about our production capabilities or request a quote to start your order.