Our Mission: Deliver the highest quality expanded metal with industry-leading coil widths, at a cost to meet every budget.

Our Story: CThru Metals began as an idea inside a well-established metal stamping company.

Working in the stamped metals industry for over 30 years, CThru’s management team realized they could provide a much-needed solution to their aerospace, renewable power, automotive, filtration, and other industry clients. Many of these clients required expanded metal for air and liquid filtration, electrical resistivity and conductivity as a base metal for lightning strike protection.

Quality and dependability were especially critical in these applications, and we believe no other company in the expanded metal industry could deliver such a product at a cost-effective price. Leveraging our engineering expertise, we set out to innovate a century-old industry with 21st century precision.

Our Results: CThru Metals serves applications and industries across aerospace, automotive, filtration and renewable energy industries with the most advanced technology in expanded metal. Best of all: we can offer industry-leading coil widths — improving your product and bottom line.

By utilizing the latest generation of processing equipment, CThru manufactures expanded metal with few — or no — lubricants, keeping your material, and our earth, as clean as possible. We also offer the highest precision in the industry with our proprietary-designed and custom-built expanding equipment.

At CThru, we know your applications demand the best-in-class.

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