Flattening offers reduced thickness, a smoother surface and reduced pocket depth. This process is ideal for applications that require particular surface finish specifications.


Stretching changes the shape of your expanded metal’s openings. Stretching is ideal for battery, fuel cell and filtration application that require increased pocket depths for maximizing, air, liquid and composite volumes.


Heat treatment of expanded metal foils normalizes the material from work hardening in the expanding process.

Custom Blanking

By leveraging our in-house stamping capabilities, CThru Metals can stamp expanded metal sheets into unlimited geometries. Tolerance capabilities as tight as .001” ensure your parts are stamped to exact specifications.

Solid Sections

CThru Metals can add solid sections to the edges or solid strips throughout the sheet of material.


  • Our machinery enables multiple cuts simultaneously enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Achieve widths as narrow as 0.5 inches, catering to precise requirements and diverse applications.
  • Benefit from adjustable and consistent roll tension, ensuring optimal performance and output quality.
  • Experience no telescoping issues, thanks to our advanced technology and meticulous engineering, guaranteeing seamless operation.

Automated Cut to Length/Shape:

  • Enjoy reduced cycle times with our cutting-edge equipment, optimizing production processes and minimizing cycle times.
  • Expand your capacity effortlessly with our innovative solutions, enabling you to meet growing demands without compromise.
  • Enhance dimensional control with our precision engineering, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every cut.
  • Experience quick part number changeover, streamlining operations and allowing for swift adaptation to varying requirements.

In-House Annealing:

  • Lower your annealing costs significantly with our efficient processes, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Experience rapid turnaround times, providing swift and reliable service to meet your urgent project needs.
  • Minimize the risk of material handling damage with our meticulous procedures, ensuring the integrity of your materials throughout the production process.

Engineered Packaging:

  • Our custom-designed solutions are meticulously crafted to eliminate any risk of damage during handling and transport.
  • Benefit from injection-molded endcap standoffs, ensuring stability and protection for your materials.
  • Say goodbye to telescoping issues with our specialized designs, guaranteeing a smooth and secure packaging experience.
  • Enjoy hassle-free roll removal from the packaging, saving time and effort during setup and operation.
  • Each item is carefully wrapped in protective paper, safeguarding against scratches and abrasions during storage and transit.
  • Rest assured, our products are safe for long-term storage, maintaining the quality and integrity of your materials over time.

Why CThru Metals?

  • We prioritize customer satisfaction with our customer-focused approach, catering to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Experience quick reaction times when resolving any issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Count on us for on-time delivery performance, meeting your deadlines reliably and efficiently.
  • We maintain superior quality standards throughout our processes, ensuring the utmost precision and durability in our products.
  • With in-house post-annealing services, we enhance the performance and durability of our materials, ensuring optimal results.
  • Benefit from automated cut to length and cut to shape capabilities, providing precise and consistent results every time.
  • Our NC controlled, self-adjusting, and lubricant-free expanding machines offer advanced technology for efficient and reliable production.
  • Choose from materials that deliver superior performance, whether for battery applications, EMI shielding, lightning strike protection or other specialized needs.