Remove particles and maintain systems and environments with filters using CThru MeshTM precision expanded metal foils

Industrial Filtration

Filters are used to improve the quality of everything, including the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, systems that run machinery, and a staggering array of chemical processes that allow us to drive the needs of every industry. With so many required use cases, it’s no surprise that filters come in all shapes and sizes. The design and features of a filter used for maintaining hydraulic fluid in a power transmission system are completely different from a filter used in a medical environment to maintain air quality. Despite their vast differences, expanded metal foil can be used to provide structural integrity, increase surface area, and filter out particles from a wide array of fluids and gasses.

CThru MeshTM Provides Filter Strength and Design Flexibility

Filters must maintain the targeted fluid quality in a variety of challenging process environments. High pressure systems filtering particulate to maintain infrastructure performance require strength and durability to ensure continuous operation. Fluid or gas flow speed, density, and particulate volume dictate different required surface area configurations for appropriate filtration. These somewhat opposing vector points of strength and design flexibility are easily brought together by using CThru MeshTM to perfect the filter application. CThru MeshTM can be designed using the appropriate material thickness (available as thin as 25 microns) to provide the filter membrane the support and strength required for the installed environment. At the same time, CThru MeshTM is easily formed to any filter design, from standard sheet to pleated filters. When you incorporate CThru MeshTM into your filter design, it will withstand the designed flow rate and potential pressure changes from particulate build up while maintaining the appropriate shape to facilitate the particle removal process.

CThru MeshTM Designed and Manufactured to Your Filter Rating

The primary function of any filter is to remove particulates from the fluid flow and maintain the targeted level of fluid quality downstream from the filter installation. The design of a filter is typically centered around the size of the particulate to be removed, or the “Filter Rating”. The filter rating is determined by the minimum particle size that the filter should stop from penetrating the filter membrane. These ratings are typically done in microns. So, a filter rating of 20 would remove particles 20 microns and larger. For context, a human can identify white particles on a black background down to about 40-50 microns. CThru MeshTM comes in pore sizes as small as 250 microns (.010”) and can be combined with other membrane media to trap and remove particles at your target filter rating.

Flame Arrestors and Spark Arrestors Use CThru MeshTM Precision Expanded Metals

While not exactly traditional filters, flame arrestors and spark arrestors perform a very similar task to protect equipment and people from inherent dangers of combustion systems. Flame arrestors are designed to let hot gas pass through the component while preventing open flame from escaping the system. At the same time, spark arrestors are used to contain particles in exhaust from internal combustion engines, preventing their escape to the surrounding environment. Both devices protect the immediate area from fire and unsafe conditions – and are mandatory for small engines in the state of California. Flame arrestors and spark arrestors are perfectly suited to leverage CThru MeshTM expanded metal foil as the critical material to maintain the safety of the system.

CThru MeshTM Precision Expanded Metals Filtration Material Increases Strength and Surface Area

CThru MeshTM is available in a wide selection of materials, thicknesses, pore sizes, and openings per square inch to meet all of your design requirements and system compatibility needs.

  • As thin as 25 microns (.001”)
  • Pore openings as small as 250 microns (.010”)
  • Density of up to 950 openings/sqcn (6,000 openings/sqin)

Most common materials for filter applications are titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and copper. Our vast manufacturing capabilities allow you to achieve your desired filtering efficiency, lifespan, and maintenance schedule for your systems. Request a sample of CThru MeshTM for your project or schedule a meeting with our engineering team to discuss your requirements. We are dedicated to making your design a success.

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