Feature Applications

Expanded metal is an incredibly versatile product, suitable for dozens of
applications in nearly as many industries.

Meet the Mesh

CThru MeshTM uses the highest quality materials and custom technology to manufacture CThru MeshTM expanded metal foil. New patterns can be created in-house for your exact specifications.

Meet the Mesh Meet the Mesh Meet the Mesh

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Expanded Metal Foil: What You Need to Know

How is CThru Different?

Wider Coils, Thinner Gauges

Finished expanded metal can be wound into wider coils for reduced application costs. We also work with gauges as thin as 0.001" or 25 Microns.


Since we use less material, you’ll see savings as high as 50% when compared to woven wire mesh.

Strength and Quality:

CThru delivers stronger material that lasts and won’t fray over time.


Expanded metal foil outperforms woven wire and perforated metals in conductivity, strength, stability and waste generation.

Download our free guide to learn how expanded metal foil is made, and why it's a superior choice for:

  • Battery applications
  • EMI shielding
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Filtration
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