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  1. Getting Your Expanded Metal Mesh Project Quoted: What You Need to Know

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    When working with a custom expanded metal mesh supplier, the company you choose should work closely with you to develop a custom product that suits your exact requirements and specifications. This checklist will guide you through the primary information to provide your supplier during the quoting process to ensure they can meet your needs and provide high-quality expanded metal mesh within your timeline.


    What to Have Ready for Your Supplier

    Before you request a quote from a prospective supplier, have a list of your project needs ready. You should provide information such as:

    • Type of Raw Material Alloy. There are various raw material alloys available, each offering its own unique properties and benefits. It is crucial to consider your application’s requirements for cost, corrosion resistance, density, hardness, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, magnetism, bend rating, and more when choosing the right expanded metal material.
    • Raw Material Thickness. Years ago, metal foil could be expanded as thin as 50 microns and up to 36 inches in width. Today, metals can be expanded down to 30 microns and 40+ inches in width, with more advanced technologies capable of expanding metals even wider.
    • Coil Width. Creating expanded metal foil involves slitting and stretching a lightweight metal coil to produce a consistent mesh pattern of openings. 
    • Raw Expand Length. Expanded metal is an ideal solution for applications where weight is crucial due to its ability to be produced thinner than alternative open area materials.  Long coil lengths are only limited by raw material availability and finished coil weights.

    • Strand. Key measurements of expanded metal mesh include strand width (SW), short way of the diamond (SWD), and long way of the diamond (LWD).expanded metal mesh measurements
      • SW. This refers to the amount of material that should be slit from the parent material to form the opening.
      • SWD. This refers to the distance from one joint’s center to the adjacent joint’s center across the diamond’s short axis. 
      • LWD. This refers to the distance from one joint’s center to the adjacent joint’s center across the diamond’s long axis.
    • Leveling. If your project is working with leveled materials, you must provide the thickness of the leveled/flattened material (manufactured material thickness).

    Get Your Expanded Metal Mesh Project Quote From CThru Metals

    Before you request a quote from a supplier for your expanded metal mesh project, you must gather the necessary information regarding certain measurements and specifications for your project. Everything from the type of alloy required to specific dimensions and more must be provided to ensure the most accurate quoting process.

    expanded metal specifications

    At CThru Metals, our extensive capabilities in expanded metal manufacturing allow us to produce custom metal mesh in a wide range of shapes, thicknesses, and configurations to meet your specific needs. Our standard diamond sizes range from 0.030’’ to 0.500’’ LWD, with the number of openings ranging between 25 to 5,000 per square inch. As an industry leader in advanced and innovative expanded metal foil solutions, we offer faster lead times and competitive prices using custom expanded metal manufacturing equipment that operates two times faster than standard metal expanding equipment. 

    For more information about our custom expanded metal mesh capabilities, or to work with us on your next project, request a quote today.

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  2. How CThru Metals Helped Michigan’s Racing Team across the Finish Line

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    MRacing — the University of Michigan’s Formula SAE team — is tasked each year with designing a formula-style race car to race against other college teams worldwide. This year, the design engineering team wanted to make sure their 36th vehicle was built for strength and speed to compete against fully electric race car competitions in both North America and Europe.


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    Ranked 5th in the world out of 600 teams, the MRacing team had a reputation to uphold. They reached out to CThru Metals, hoping to leverage our expanded metal foil’s high strength-to-weight ratio to complete the vehicle’s design specifications, and our team was happy to help.

    The MRacing vehicle contains carbon fiber throughout its battery pack housing and monocoque chassis. By inserting expanded metal foil under the top ply of the car’s composite layups, the foil acted as a grounding layer across the surface of the carbon fiber parts. Because the car can become conductive, this expanded metal foil solution delivered the dual benefit of shielding the car’s high-voltage electronics in accordance with FSAE regulations, while also allowing the car to maintain top speed and performance.

    expanded metal foil inside race car

    More on Expanded Metal Foil’s Benefits

    Expanded metal foil outperforms woven wire and perforated metals in conductivity, strength, stability and waste generation. More industries and applications are turning to expanded foil for these reasons — CThru’s foil is used in lightning strike protection for aircraft, wind turbine blades, and other carbon fiber uses for batteries, and fuel cells.

    expanded metal foil applications

    From one engineering team to another, we hope our donation of expanded metal foil helps bring the MRacing team another winning season in their upcoming competitions! If you have any questions about how expanded metal foil can assist in your project, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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  3. CThru Metals to Exhibit at The Battery & Electric Vehicle Show 2021

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    CThru Metals, an affiliate company of ESI, is happy to announce that we will appear at The Battery & Electric Vehicle Show from September 14th through the 16th. 

    The Battery & Electric Vehicle Show is North America’s top advanced battery and electric vehicle event centered around the latest battery technology, materials, and applications. Every year at this event, industry thought leaders, innovators, and engineers gather in Novi, Michigan for an expo and conference focused on staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of the advanced battery and automotive industries.

    the battery show cthru metals

    As one of these innovators, CThru Metals will be appearing at Booth #2629. 

    Where does CThru fit in with your next battery or electric vehicle project?

    CThru Metals offers advanced technology in expanded metal for wider coils, precision-grade expanded metal mesh, and thinner gauges. Many battery and fuel cell applications use expanded metals, and we can work with you to determine the right material, size, and configuration for your battery project.

    electronic vehicle battery

    Why should I use expanded metal foil for battery components or electric vehicle applications?

    Perforated metal and woven wire account for the two most common alternatives to expanded metal foil. However, expanded metal foil comes with a few key benefits that applications won’t see using either woven wire or perforated metals.

    Woven wire comprises several strands of material, while expanded metal foil consists of a single roll of material with precise, regular openings. The homogenous design of expanded metal foil allows for more consistent resistivity and conductivity. It also makes the material more suitable for applications that require accurately sized openings for optimal system or product performance.

    Expanded metals can also eliminate the yield limitations of perforated metals due to the lack of scrap produced throughout the manufacturing process. The elimination of waste is particularly crucial when working with high-value specialty or exotic metals. 

    Each of these advantages makes expanded metal foil ideal for a wide range of battery applications.

    How can I visit CThru at the show?

    If you would like to visit CThru at The Battery & Electric Vehicle Show 2021, contact us here so we can coordinate a meeting time at our booth to show you more. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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